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Thought you may like to see what has been going on in my garden today, not much left of the nasturtium plants!

This is the caterpillar of the large white butterfly, they are usually found in clumps.


Matron said...

What a lovely photo! nasturtiums can be a bit of a weed at times but I find that they make useful "sacrifice plants" ie. the insects prefer them to my veggies. I just pull them up and discard them to get rid of the insects. I wonder what sort of caterpillar / butterfly that is?

Threadspider said...

My nasturtiums succumbed to black fly! I like Matron's ideas of a sacrifice plant. Might try that next year, although I do rather like nasturtiums.Great picture.

Joanna said...

Those nuaghty caterpillers, they have been causing mayhem on my purple sprouting brocali

Joanna said...

Thankyou for your comments on my blog, I hope enjoyed having a look. I have only just got a garden again and am certainly have been making the most of it, I'm planning to make it look like one of my paintings! I will look forward to coming back to visit your blog I love all your posts about plants. I am just reading a book about hill top farm that my mum gave me after a recent visit it was lovely to see your photos too. I have put a link to you.