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NERINE common names include Jersey or Guernsey Lily and Spider Lily

I was given this plant by a friend who was dividing hers, and to be quite honest it hasn’t done a thing, up until now that is. The other day I had quite a shock to see it flowering as it had been relegated to an out of the way corner of the garden. I must say it is beautiful and is an added a splash of lovely pink, which when you think of it, a colour not seen in abundance at this time of year in the garden. I believe this is Nerine bowdenii, a bubblegum pink variety.

Nerine bowdenii, sometimes called the Jersey Lily after Lily Langtry.

Others just holding on to flower in my garden are pale blue scabious, sunflower stella, salvia black and white, sedum, white gaura, white osteospermum and purple campanula.


Anonymous said...

Out and about today I saw a front garden full of flowering Nerines. As for Gaura my friend Nikki did this entry on Sunday

Anonymous said...

Well thanks to Flighty (who is a most super friend) I now have somewhere else to come to get my dose of beautiful flowers... I go to Nikkis' too. :o)

Joanna said...

Thats my number one must have plant for my garden at the moment, how lovely to have all that wonderful pink this time of year. There is lots of it in the village but I have not found anyone who is dividing it yet, or they think dividing it will be too tricky. Have found some bulbs online but was put of when I was told even if you buy bulbs it does not flower for the first year, feeling thats ages to wait. Should just get on and get some its lovely.

Carol said...

My Dad has some of these, I will have to pinch a bit.
I am hoping to get an alloment to share with my friend. We are hoping to escape there ! We also want a little shed where we boil a cup of tea.....
This may be another blog coming on!
How do you fit in two blogs?

Threadspider said...

i don't have any nerines but they are lovely aren't they?

kate said...

I love these lilies ... I grew them one summer and enjoyed them, but then forgot to pull them at the end of summer.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Louise
My parent's garden had clumps of these Nerines which were like a beacon in the dark months of winter.. I wish now I had taken some to plant in my own garden.. they are stunning.