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The tradescanthia is what I would call a good value for money plant. This variety which has beautiful ice blue flowers was given to me as a division by a friend from her mum's garden. It doesn't take long for it to bulk up and over the years I had gained three large clumps. I noticed last year each clump was beginning to overpower all around it, so I reluctantly dug up and split each clump into four separate divisions making twelve new plants, sharing them with my dad, step-dad and keeping some for myself to plant in different areas of the garden. A good idea, each new plant has already flowered and settled into their new homes for the next year or two?


Lavinia said...

These are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

They're very versatile here since they put up with a range of soil conditions. Yours is so ethereal, Louise. My neighbor has some in violet and blue as well as the pale blue ones.

Anonymous said...

The flowers look white! Nice all the same.
Have a good weekend! xx

Sal said...

Very lovely.;-)

Elizabeth said...

I really wanted EVERYTHING to self seed in the garden.
The late great Uncle Frank called all self-seeded things 'volunteers' - nd they were always welcome because they wanted to be there.
On Long Island mostly black eyed susana and phlox and orange daylilies.
Have a super weekend.

Gina said...

I love this plant..didn't know the latin name.. think it's marketing name is monkey flower?? I have a white and deeper blue than this one... I must divide it next spring :) Have a lovely weekend Louise! Gx

sheila said...

I was first introduced to this plant by way of reading Jeanette Winterson. Now I love it, mostly for the memories it invokes for me, of people travelling far and wide in search of plants and other exotica.