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I don't know about you but every now and again I visit a garden which instantly becomes my all time favourite, and this one is no exception. Set in beautiful countryside near Northiam in East Sussex, pretty much on the border of Kent, is Great Dixter House & Gardens, family home of Christopher Lloyd, one of the great plantsmen of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The front path which leads you to the entrance through meadow, which in the height of summer I can imagine absolutely buzzing with bees and fluttering butterflies feeding on the rich nectar.

Look at this for an impressive entrance porch. Click on any of the photos for a closer look at the planting schemes.

The Long Border which was absolutely stunning, although I really would have liked my secateurs at hand to trim the phlomis which had spilled so far out on the path. Maybe another one of those round tuit jobs we all have around the garden at this time of year?

The High Garden. A path leading you through a vista of annuals, perennials and shrubs. The epitome of an English country cottage garden.

What about this beautiful pond for a water feature, surrounded by plants who like to get their feet wet, which include yellow iris and gunnera.

What a shame, not allowed in here! No problems, there is a vast nursery in the grounds which sells the largest selection of plants that I have ever seen, some common but many unusual. I bought one with a lovely blue pea-like flower as a momento of our day, although I shall have to update you on the name, as a new discovery for me.

I couldn't get over these lettuces! Maybe the netting keeps the bunnies out, and where are the slugs and snails?

Finally, after about half a dozen circuits of the house, what a welcome relief to find no-one was occupying this lovely bench.


BumbleVee said...

Always feel a bit envious when I see such huge garden areas....... it would be so much fun to have more space to play....

Anonymous said...

I've been once, and would love to go again!
Great post and pictures! Thanks. xx

Cowboys and Custard said...

Heaven on earth ... these photos are fantastic Louise and take me right back to that amazing place.. I loved Christopher's anarchic approach to gardening.. mixing colours and textures... it really is a special place and thank you for sharing!

P.s You definitely chose the best month to visit.. when I went in August.. the wildflower meadow at the front of the house had been cut back to stubble.. I can see that there are some flowers in the foreground.. it must have looked beautiful!

Threadspider said...

Another place added to my "must visit" list. I have seen it on TV but your photos are glorious.Glad you had a wonderful time.

Simone said...

I bet those gardens take a lot of maintainance to keep them looking good. You would find heaps to prune in my garden just now and it's not even that big!

Sal said...

Such lovely photos! I have never visited...wish I was a little nearer!Sal;-)

Suburbia said...

What a beautiful place. No wonder you have a new favourite!

Gina said...

Just gorgeous! love the variety of colour and foliage in the 3rd shot!

VP said...

Ooooh, I've been wanting to go there for absolutely ages. Thanks for showing us around Louise!

Rhondi said...

We visited Great Dixter House many years ago. I wasn't familiar with the names of many famous gardeners at the time, but now I know that he was very well known. I hear my gardener friends here talk about Christopher Llyod.
Have you beento Gravetye Manor? We stayed there on 3 different trips to England. We couldn't possibly afford it now! Thanks for the beautiful pictures of the garden. Makes me want to travel to England again.
Happy gardening, Rhondi


What a beautiful garden and home! If I ever get to make my dream vacation to England I want to visit it.

I have just started taking photographs and I have such admiration for your ability to take such detailed and beautiful close-ups!

I have young children and don't get much spare time, but when I have a little it is a pleasure to visit your lovely site.


Wienerm├Ądel + Co said...

We have a similar place in our garden, we will show it in the next time!