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Sitting pretty in my garden is Aubrietia.

This week sees the first sighting of the Speckled Wood butterfly. Infact there were three engaging in a dogfight!

This one takes a moment to rest on a Euonymus hedge.

I bought these lovely terracotta vegetable markers in Wilkinsons, and a pack of Gladiolus, Nanus Charming Lady, a pink variety, to be grown in clusters of five. Perfect for filling in the gaps.

I've done well for plants this week!

Coming away from our local B&Q with three Stachys byzantina and two Geum 'Mrs J Bradshaw' plants, (5 cottage garden plants for £5), also a pack of bedding White Salvia and New Guinea Impatiens, and a Carex 'Rekohu Sunrise', a very attractive evergreen grass.

A visit to a local plant nursery in search of more grasses, I find and buy a pretty yellow Verbascum called 'Primrose Path'.

Just to put the icing on the cake, my step-Dad-in-law surprised me with a Rhubarb Champagne crown, and a Blueberry bush!

I do work to some sort of plan in my garden, and forever moving and dividing plants.

Certain features you inherit, and short of hiring an excavator you have to work around what you've got.

I do discover happy accidents though, where plants self-seed themselves in just the perfect spot!

The plants have been loving the soaking they've had this week, with heavy showers.

I think this Oriental Poppy flower bud looks a bit like a bunny rabbit!

All the neighbourhood cats love the garden!

The one above, who just happens to be my favourite, wears a bell, so hopefully the birds do get an early warning?

There's lots of places in the garden where cats like to explore and hide, ready to pounce on the first thing that moves, butterflies, moths, frogs, and birds!



Simone said...

You have some beautiful plants Louise and I look forward to seeing your recent purchases once they are planted. The oriental poppy bud does resemble a bunny rabbit! If you only have the one blueberry bush try to get another one too as this aids with pollination (you're more green fingered than I am so you probably know this already)! I wish I was given a rhubarb crown! My rhubarb is very spindly this year. I think I need to divide it. What do you reckon? x

Reading Tea Leaves said...

I love the close up of the Oriental Poppy Louise.

Ooh I'm after some markers - your terracotta ones are really nice.

I don't have any rhubarb in my garden - something I must remedy as soon as!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, that all sounds and looks like the garden that I'd have!
Dogfighting butterflies is a terrific spectacle! Flighty xx