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I have four different ferns planted at the base of my Amelanchier tree, this is one of them. I love ferns and they are a great addition to any 'green' garden or to an area in shade. They were very popular with the Victorians and they displayed them beneath glass in 'ferneries' and also developed 'stumperies' where they planted ferns and other shade loving plants amongst tree stumps and roots, this is a great idea and this is a project which I want to undertake sometime soon. These have two purposes, one to look good and two to encourage lots of wildlife amongst the decaying matter, lovely!


Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Louise
I have been so fascinated by 'home is where the heart is' that I have completely neglected this side of your blog which is fabulous and right up my street or should I say garden path!
I love plants too.. passionately.. so much so that I cannot pass a nursery without buying something and then cramming it into my small plot..
I will really enjoy reading your flora and fauna blog..

Anonymous said...

Ferns are often overlooked in gardens, which is a shame as they have such beautiful foliage.

Joanna said...

I love ferns they add a sense of magic and mystery to a shadey part of a garden

Anonymous said...

First of all Louise I have to thank you for giving me two fabulous words tonight!
Ferneries and Stumperies! I love them. :o)
Encouraging the wildlife is a really good reason. As Flighty will tell you, we have a pretty big garden and my husband is the green fingered one but the rabbits have just made mincemeat (almost literally) of any attempt of floral bloom we have made this year. We are going to have to plan the planting with military precision for next year and try and outsmart those bunnies!
I think fern is a lovely complimentary addition to any garden and I wish you luck!