images from the RSPB website


Drifting in and out of light sleep I woke up this morning at about 4.45 to a scratching noise outside the window. Looking through the curtains I caught eye of something moving very swiftly into the undergrowth. Whatever it was, it was having a happy old time romping through my clump of Cerastium - Snow in Summer!

It took about a minute or so before discovering it was infact a ... very fat hedgehog!

I've only ever seen one other in the ten years we've been here. It's now hedgehog breeding season, so it would be lovely to think it may be an expectant mother. How great it would be to have a family of hoglets in the garden!

It had a good nose around, before disappearing out of sight.

I then sensed movement on the garden steps. It was only a fox, the one with the bent tail, the same one I'd spooked in the garden early morning a few days earlier.

After having a sniffle around, it too disappeared into the undergrowth. On this occasion no calling card was left!

It's good to know, that whilst us two are sound asleep, these two are paying a visit to our garden.



Anonymous said...

Lucky you seeing two lovely creatures like these, especially the hedgehog! Here's hoping that they do stay in your garden as that would be such a delightful privilage for you. Flighty xx

harmony and rosie said...

We have a fox who regularly visits us in London and lies around for hours, sometimes on our trampoline! As for hedgehogs, I haven't seen one in years (that isn't a flat one) - we regularly search our log pile and even left hedgehog food out one night, only it was munched fairly swiftly by next door's cat!!! How exciting if you do get a little family of them in the garden. x