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We've seen more breaks of sunshine this week, with very little rain.

The photo above shows dusky fatheads of French Lavender, a plant more suited to these conditions.

I like to dot old garden tools around the garden.

I bought this nice ladies fork for a £1 at a local carboot sale at the weekend.

There's been another trip to the plant nursery!

I had herbs on my shopping list, but came away with a Heuchera Ginger Ale plant instead!

It has such pretty little creamy yellow flowers.

Who could resist?

We've both had time off this week, and on Tuesday with the in-laws, we visited Exbury Gardens in Hampshire.

I'm really pleased we brought these copper-affect birds home, after seeing a pair in the plant area.

They look just the part whirling around, and should help to keep the real thing off the vegetable patch?

There's new fresh growth on the Lemon Balm which seeded itself next to a Gooseberry bush.

Little did I know what good companions they are.

Click here for herbal jam and jelly recipes, which includes one using gooseberries and lemon balm, together!



Sal said...

I love the copper birds!! I do have plenty of birds in my garden but those are unique!!
;-) x

Suburbia said...

Doesn't French Lavender smell divine?! It looks pretty good too :)

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Love everything here in your Tuesday Rake Louise. Exbury Gardens is a new one on me - it looks great.


harmony and rosie said...

Your copper birds are lovely. We've been making the most of the weather this weekend and done lots of gardening. It's so satisfying when you see the quick results.

Kate x

Ana said...

Hi Louise, thanks for the comment you left me. Every year I stand in the middle of a rapeseed field in flower and take some photos, I just love this experience! Your garden seems to be very well looked after - by the way I also have lemon balm in mine, I really like this herb even though it can be very invasive.

Poppy said...

hi Louise, I love Exbury gardens! What a good price for the fork.

Love Lou xxx