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It's not easily recognisable from this photo, but this is a Garden Warbler, and in my garden!

I'm really quite excited, as the birds who commonly frequent my patch, are well, more of the common variety!

For well over a week I've been hearing the most beautiful of birdsong, and not until I took time to investigate, by listening in to a snippet on the RSPB Birds by Name, did I discover which bird indeed it was coming from.

It sings up high from the very top of a neighbour's Conifer tree.

I was lucky enough to get a couple of photos when it flew lower down into one of our Hawthorns. It's the best out of the two, which I had to crop and lighten to get some sort of view. The other photo, shows a very black eye, which is a prominent feature of a Garden Warbler.

I hope it decides on a local site to use as its breeding ground? There's always plenty of insects and berries to eat in my garden.

I also heard my first Chiffchaff of the year whilst walking through woodland in Shermanbury over the Bank Holiday weekend. Even though I am rubbish at birdsong, I know this one, as my Dad does a wicked impersonation which is so like the real thing!

Move over Bill Oddie!



Crafty Green Poet said...

I've heard (and seen) my first chiffchaffs too. How lovely you've got a garden warbler, now that's a bird i've never seen - though i think I've heard them.

Sal said...

It's always lovely when you get something a little different in your garden!
We are getting Nuthatches at the mo... and also Bullfinches.
But the sighting of a Dipper (not in the garden,I hasten to add but by a nearby river!) created some excitement this week!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I'm not much good at identifying bird song either. Flighty xx

Simone said...

I am not much good at identifying birds or their birdsong apart from common ones. I did identify a rather large squawking heron being chased by other birds this morning though! You are very lucky to have such a lovely little visitor to your garden. x

periwinkle said...

the closest we get to a bird in the back is a pair of seagulls on the chimney pot!! We did go for a lovely walk today though where we listened to numerous birds including chiffchaff

Suburbia said...

I so miss bird song where we are living now, all I get is crows (though they are lovely birds, they are know great singers!)

One day I want to live in the country :)

Reading Tea Leaves said...

How lovely to get a Garden Warbler in your patch Louise. I have heard and seen some chiffchaffs on woodland walks recently.

A couple of weeks ago we were serenaded by a male Song Thrush high up in neighbouring trees - he sung for all he was worth bless him - hour after hour, I really hope he finds a mate and rears some young. We haven't heard him since so maybe he has moved on ...

We get all the usual suspects in our little garden - the dawn chorus is really special at the moment.