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My step-dad bought me this plant a few Christmas' ago, unfortunately that year all the developing flower buds decided to fall off! Last year the same plant flowered 'its socks off' with two displays of gorgeous blooms. Well you can see how well it is doing again this year, it is tight in its pot so I may have to repot it after flowering has finished?

I discovered some tips in a magazine of how to look after these plants, I didn't religiously follow these, but whatever I did do has produced good results.

January to March - resting period so water infrequently.
April to May - when compost begins to dry water well.
June to September - place outdoors in a shady spot but look out for slugs!
September - bring back indoors and keep compost fairly dry and cool until flower buds form.
Water frequently during the flowering period with rainwater.


Anonymous said...

It's a lovely looking plant!
So often people kill off such plants with kindness by over watering them. That is the most common cause of indoor plants not surviving.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
I love the Christmas cactus too- thanks for the excellent tips. Mine isn't flowering yet.
Sara from farmingfriends

Erica-Jane said...


I've got a couple of those, I never knew that's what they were called :o)

I don't do terribly well with mine, so thanks for the tips!


BumbleVee said...

Mine bloomed this year too! So far only 3 flowers...I am holding out hope for more tiny buds to show up...