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CYCLAMENResignation, Goodbye

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the November poll, the results show that colourful Cyclamen has been voted most favourite winter bedding plant.

Rather fortunate really, as this is the winter bedding plant I have chosen for my drainpipe pots, the almost sorbet shades of pink do look so beautiful and full of colour, and seem to look good against the brick of the wall. I have them planted in homemade compost, and topped off with soil improver, which is made up of very small pieces of bark mulch, which makes a lovely foil for the beautiful markings on the foliage, which this variety have.

Make sure you twist off the spent flower heads as they turn to seed, doing this will help them to continue flowering over a long period of time.

Cyclamen, from the Greek, kyklos, meaning circular, a reference to the way the flower stems twist into spirals as the seed cases develop. Cyclamen were put to many medicinal uses during the first few centuries AD according to Pedacio (or Padanius) Dioscorides, a Greek military surgeon and naturalist of the first century.

Cyclamen received 50% of the vote, Pansies/Viola received 27%, Polyanthus/Primrose received 10% and Heather received 1%, I am so pleased one of you voted for poor Heather!


Anonymous said...

Sorbet is just the right description for this yummy shade! I've only grown cyclamen in containers and should consider them in some of my flowerbeds.

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote....sorry *hangs head in shame* but! I would have voted for Heather...
Now I'm telling you this in advance but blogger is being weird about commentators from elsewhere and I think I will come up as Anon... so in the event that happens, Its Daffy! Of course now I have done this it may not happen and I will look such a fool. :o) Have the techies been tinkering with the inner workings?

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful and so vibrant. I think that I shall get some for my Winter pots. Thanks for inspiring me. Sara from farmingfriends

kari and kijsa said...

These are gorgeous!!! Beautiful blooms, beautiful shades of color! Thanks for sharing!

kari & kijsa

Sandra Evertson said...

What a funny little flower turned inside out and upside down!
Sandra Evertson

Joanna said...

I love cyclamen, particaly pink ones. I have not planted any in the garden but have two in the kitchen. They counter act the dark green of the tiles which is horrid. I got them from the macmillain plant place opposite budgens and the petrol station in midhurst, I like getting plants there.

shadows and clouds said...

what gorgeous flowers you have there! even if i did vote for the heather! heehee :) i'm partial to it, as it reminds me of the moors near home, in england, far away... so the other week i got a purple one and a white one, potted them in terracotta vases and have them outside my kitchen window, just to remind me...
but all those other flowers are gorgeous too!

Lesley Todd said...

I had a hard time deciding between cylamen and violas but they're all lovely. If you'd put hellebores as an option I would have chosen that as it is my favourite of favourites! All those beautiful shades they come in. I really like your polls. What are you going to have next? Have a fun day! :-)

Cowboys and Custard said...

I bought a selection of cyclamen last year in contrasting shades of pink.. the one that I crammed into a pot and virtually neglected has rewarded me with endless and profuse blooms... it is just wonderful.. now of course I pay it lots of compliments and fawn over it!
Thanks for your friendly as ever comments Louisex