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ROSEMARY - Remembrance

There's Rosemary, that's for remembrance; pray you love, remember - (Hamlet) William Shakespeare. Rosemary is the herb of remembrance, and sprigs are often carried at country funerals or woven into wreaths.

I inherited this useful Rosemary plant from the previous owner, it is a hardy evergreen herb, and is still in little blue flower now in November! It likes dry soil and mine is more or less growing out of a paving slab, so that is how impoverished the soil is.

Rosemary is said to thrive in households where 'the mistress, not the master, rules', maybe that is why it thrives so well in my garden!

Rosemary Hair Rinse - Infuse a few stalks of Rosemary in hot water for several minutes, strain the liquid and allow to cool and bottle, this can be used as a final hair rinse, but always remember to keep it handy in the bathroom! This rinse will bring out the shine in dark hair, for fair hair replace the Rosemary with Chamomile flowers.


Anonymous said...

I just love to come over here and learn something... I pass it on to my dad in conversation, (sometimes conversation with my dad dries up so its good to get inspiration to keep him interested in different things..)and he thinks I am a regular little know it all now!
Once my husband has established our garden I want a little herb garden somewhere. There is nothing nicer than adding a bit of fresh mint or some chives from the garden to the meal.

Anonymous said...

I got given a Rosemary for my plot a few weeks back. I hope that it will do well despite there being no mistress who rules!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Louise
I love Rosemary.. it has such a heady scent.
I have grown a trailing Rosemary in a wall planter and it still has lovely pale blue flowers. When I was a lass my mother had a book called 'Feed your Face'. It was my bible for years.. as it had endless remedies and recipes using plants and herbs. I would buy dried chamomile flowers and steep them then use the infusion on my hair. There is a lot to be said for natural remedies!

Anonymous said...

Louise, what a lovely entry about rosemary! And I did not know that about it being a useful hair rinse.

Naturegirl said...

LOVE LOVE love rosemary...part of the lavender family!!I love the aromatic scent...mmm..on chicken...mmm..throw over coals when BBQ ing! :)NG

kate said...

Rosemary is my favourite cooking herb. I always have a plant on the go, although they don't do very well during the winter months indoors.

I am going to try this hair rinse. What a cool idea!

Threadspider said...

My favourite herb and my favourite writer in one post. Inspired, Louise.

kari and kijsa said...

What wonderful tidbits about rosemary, thanks for sharing!

kari & kijsa

TheVintageMagpie said...

Hi Louise,

This is the first time Ive visited your Patch site, and I love it! I love Rosemary too, my brother has a huge bush of it just before you get to the front door and it smells gorgeous as you brush past. I never knew you could use it in your hair though, I shall give that a try ! x

Lesley Todd said...

Hi Louise, this is the first time I've been here too. What a lovely blog you have. I love all the little nature bits and pieces you have down the side. Great! As for rosemary, I think it's my favourite herb. You can't beat the aroma and it tastes so good! Especially added to garlic bread!! I like the idea of using it to make a hair rinse. Have a good day!

Joanna said...

I love Rosemary, my parents have a rosemary hedge all along the front of the house, it looks lovely and everbody in the road enjoys walking past it.

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I am delighted to read all of your posts. Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs (though I learned the hard way that you don't want to use too too much of it in a dish as it easily overpowers all other flavors). I've enjoyed reading more about the herb. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

A great article - my rosemary hasn't faired well so maybe I don't rule the roost!
Sara from farmingfriends

Bev and Ollie "O" said...

Rosemary is one of my most used kitchen herbs, actually when we moved house a month ago I gug up my Rosemary and Thyme as I would have been lost without them! (and my sage)