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Look at this blue sky, not one cloud in sight. This is what the weather is like today, here along the south coast of England, and breathing a sigh of relief can guess that maybe our long awaited summer has finally arrived.

The sunshine has been casting some really lovely shadows around the garden. What plants are these shadows being cast from? Just for fun leave me a comment with your guesses and in a few weeks or so I shall give you the answers.

Shadow number 1.

Shadow number 2.

Shadow number 3.


Christy said...

I love clear cloudless days. I can really find myself. :)

Those shadows are gorgeous!

The Dutchess said...

Beautiful,i want some of that(shadow) in my garden.It realy is a sad summer in holland!

Celia Hart said...

It was like that here earlier ... now it's totally clouded over!

Love the shadow pictures!


Sew Anyway said...

WoW!!! What a treasure this blog is! I have always loved every glimpse of your garden on your @home blog - this is such a wonderful surprise. You are very gifted when is comes to gardens, photography and writing. I can't tell you how delighted I am - perusing your garden blog will be a sweet treat indeed!

Love it!

ginny said...

These shadow pics are lovely Louise. It's great to finally have these lovely blue skies isn't it?
hope you are having a good week.
ginny x

Suburbia said...

Palm tree
Christmas tree

Just kidding!!!

Isn't the blue lovely?!

Anonymous said...

A perfect day for looking skyward! I love the shadow photos. As to what they are... xx

Elizabeth said...

You should post some of your shadows on
she is making collages of lots of them and they are very cool.

Marie said...

Those are just great, :-)

Suzanne said...

Clear blue sky how I would love that. Your shadows photos are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

What fun! Shadow play :-) The second looks like ferns, the first one looks like...a fake flower!

Glo said...

Ok here I go ~

Poppy leaves

LOL ~ great idea for a post, and glad to hear you're enjoying a beautiful day.

Simone said...

I think the third shadow looks like Echinacea Purpura - hark at me!!!

VP said...

Cosmos (though Ox-eye daisy)
No idea

Lovely photos Louise and thanks for your comments over at my place. I've had lots of nice blogging surprises this week and I'm very lucky :)

Lynn said...

Hi Louise, I'm getting to leave work a little earlier and today decided to visit.

Beautiful sky! As for the shadows? My first thought for #1 was a daisy,
#2...? #3 purple cone flower?

Great pictures...enjoy the weather.

Threadspider said...

Gorgeous pictures and blue sky. It is all the more welcome for being a long time coming.

Naturegirl said...

Coneflower teasels and fern shadows in your garden today with the such a blue sky! I am envious of the blue sky because all we've had is grey, clouds, and much rain!
You have a wonderful blog here. Your photos spectacular! Love them! :)NG

Cowboys and Custard said...

Your lovely photos would make great greeting cards Louise.. ever thought of having your photos published.. they are stunning!?


Gina said...

I hope your summer has come to stay for a while this time! Love your shadow pics very much!
Here's my guess: #1 lupin leaf
#2 fancy edged foxglove :)
#3 echinacea

..but I do love suburbia's answers!!

Gina said...

make #3 blue sea holly - just saw it in your earlier post LOL Gx

Lavinia said...

Daisy and fern? Although perhaps a daisy's petals are more closely spaced together....

I'll watch for the answers. That blue sky, I hope, is a harbinger of days to come....

Anonymous said...

I love your shadow photos.This could be a new hobby - shadow hunting!
Sara from farmingfriends