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Situated just off the A27 heading West, just past Fontwell racecourse, is Denmans, the home and garden of designer John Brookes. Above a magnificent Inula, the colour of sunshine which I haven't seen much of today!

Mainly laid to gravel with sweeping grass paths meandering through approximately four acres, most plants are left to their own devices and to self-seed, which gives the gardens a slightly untidy appearance is places, but this does make for a natural flow throughout the borders.

Can anyone tell me what the two plants above are? I am not familiar with them.

Home to many plants which provide good structure around the garden, like the impressive Acanthus above.

And home to lots of colourful budgerigars in the aviary too!


Lavinia said...

Louise! I love these photos...especially the last.

Please pop over to the birdbath...I've given you a special award.....

Sal said...

You certainly have a good variety of places to visit in your area!Gorgeous pics... yet again ;-)

VP said...

Argggggggghhhhhhh! Guess who's just remembered she's forgotten to sow her Inula seeds? Yep, me!

I'm avidly reading John Brookes' books at the mo'.


Barb said...

What lovely photos !

life in red shoes said...

That top picture of the yellow flower looks like my hair in the morning!


Thank you for sharing what camera you have. I have a similar one, but I am finding close-ups a challenge so I really appreciate your ability to get the wonderful shots you do.:)


kari and kijsa said...

Stunning!! Beautiful photos!

kari & kijsa

Christy said...

Lovely flowers! Love the little birdie.:)