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These beautiful sculptures can be seen whilst walking around the gardens of Denmans. I took these photos on my recent visit.

In the 19th century this, along with several other buildings, was the home farm to an estate built for and owned by Lord Denman. The main house being Westergate House, which lies west of the garden across Denmans Lane.

In 1946 the late Mr and Mrs Robinson bought the house, garden and land which by then had become rundown. Westergate House was sold, and they converted two cottages in the garden which was to become their home.

Now the home to John Brookes, who in 2004 won an MBE for his services to garden design and services to horticulture.

Well worth a visit if you find yourself in the Arundel/Chichester area of West Sussex.


walter and me said...

That sculpture's beautiful...I particularly like the geese. I've not been to Denmans, but do have a John Brookes book on garden design. D x

Suzanne said...

What a lovely garden to look around. I was actually going to ask if the geese are real, they look so good.

Simone said...

The sculptures seem to fit in so well with the garden.

Suburbia said...

Lovely sculptures, a shame it's not in this neck of the woods!

life in red shoes said...

I'd love the geese for my yard!

Bumpkin Hill said...

Love these sculptures :)

Sal said...

Oh yes, I do love the geese!!;-)

Kat Mortensen said...

Hello Louise,

I just stopped in for a bit of camaraderie and sympathy as I've only just come in from collecting a young sparrow that hit my kitchen garden-window and broke its neck. I heard a loud bang and rushed to the back door to see if it was a bird (sometimes they bounce off, stunned, but unharmed). This time it was tragic. I grabbed a newspaper from my dining room table and went out to examine the poor thing. The head lolled from side to side when I picked it up and the eyes were shut tight, mouth agape. The body was still warm, of course and for an instant I had hope it may yet be alive, but to no avail.

The wee thing is awaiting burial, wrapped in the newspaper, resting inside my shed door. We will inter him at the feet of St. Francis.


Louise, I'm inviting you (if you wish) to participate in a little song meme. Feel free to stop by my blog and get the details.

Elizabeth said...

Your blog post was a sort of counterpart to mine -artifacts in greenery.
Unlike most stuff that ends up in the garden, these are rather lovely.
Re ferns: as a child in Essex there was masses of bracken which does not have the loveliness of ferns which I never found in England but grew with great joy on Long Island.
Have a good weekend.

Lavinia said...

I'm always interested in looking at other people's garden statuary. These are quite whimsical. Denman's has proven popular on the blogosphere....would like to see it in person myself one day.