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I think the majority of us are familiar with Verbena bonariensis with its tall and willowey, candleabra-like stems. The photo above is of one of its many relations, Verbena rigida.

This smaller, more robust version with its much shorter stems, carries vibrant mauve flower heads on each. It never fails to grab mine, or butterflies, bees and hoverflies attention.

My neighbour pulled up some clumps of this from her garden when we first moved here, some ten years ago. Osteospermum, white with a splash of pink/purple. It's a great gap filler and I have maximised on this by taking lots of cuttings to make new plants, which soon establish.

Statice, one of my all time favourites. So easy to grow from seed and one packet goes a long, long way.

All these plants I would describe as a border line annual. With the warmer climate here in the South, mine make it through the winter months.


Marie said...

V. rigida...Ha! I don't know it, and it looks so similar and yet so different to V. bonariensis: I much prefer its perfect little verbena flowers in that cluster. I shall look for it.

Threadspider said...

We have such similar tastes! I have all of these in my garden too.

Lavinia said...

Very pretty purple hues....Glad to hear you can keep some of them going all winter...

Anonymous said...

I rather like Verbena plants, I have two in my border and shall probably get some little seedlings off of those by the end of the summer to move to various new homes.
I do quite like purple flowers, I have to try hard to insure I am abit more adventurous with my colour scheme!