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Some of us will choose a plant for its beautiful form, colour or texture and some of us will choose a plant for its scent. In my garden I love Eryngium, the sea holly, which I would mark 10 out of 10 for form, colour and texture, but would mark 0 out of 10 for its scent. It doesn't smell at all pleasant.

I wasn't surprised to see this greenbottle actually looking quite beautiful, on one of my plants the other day. Found in all kinds of habitats they are attracted, not only to flowers, but dung and carrion. Need I say more!

Enlarge the photo, this greenbottle looks like he is wearing a pair of shades. Cool or what!


walter and me said...

Beautiful photo! I love eryngium too, though don't have any in the garden.

Simone said...

I have what I believe is a daisy plant in my garden (photo in my blog side bar) and that stinks too! It always attracts flies and one day I smelt the centre of one of the flowers and it smelt like smelly old socks! The Sea Holly does look very pretty and interesting though!

Amanda and Tim said...

Oh what a beautiful photo - I love catching the different insects and you seem to have a true knack for it!! Thanks for sharing a world with us that is so easy to miss when rushing by with our lives!

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Ah HA I told you bugs could be pretty! I rest my case. (Really cool photo, Louise!)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hello Louise! I've enjoyed your garden here today! I wish I had a big garden -- I do love seeing things grow.

I copied down some of your wonderful garden quotes in my journal.


X0X0 Pat

Anonymous said...

What an interesting plant and fly.
Your posts are alsways so well written.
Sara from farmingfriends

Marie said...

Funny, this was one of the plants I was considering for a perennial border (in planters, not in the ground) today - lots of blues, silvers...and I didn't know it had a smell. Still not sure about it. It is good looking!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Louise,
Great photo!
I've never heard of a Greenbottle before, but he's cute. :)

We have a flowering tree (Hawthorn maybe?) that stinks when its in bloom. Smells just like a dead animal. Yuck

Kimberly :)

Oh, don't you just love having a butter yellow bedroom? It is such a happy yet calming color for me.

Anonymous said...

haha your greenbottle is cool man!

Suzanne said...

Love this. The colour and the clarity of the photo is beautfiul. I enlarged the photo and he does look like he is wearing shades.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You should frame this photo! It's lovely!

Anonymous said...

That sea holly is amazing looking! I love all that purply spikiness.