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A scattering of leaf debris you may be thinking, but look closely and you will see a Speckled Wood butterfly. This beautiful woodland butterfly is fond of sunbathing, but not for long at a time, this one perhaps being a little camera shy, just would not sit still for a second.

I would say I was fortunate as to not being overlooked in my garden. With all the butterfly chasing I have been doing lately, may well have started some serious rumours, hinting I am some kind of mad woman, taken leave of her senses!


Christy said...

oh my, where is the butterfly louise? i can't seem to see it because it has beautifully melded with the dead leaves!

i have another fab award for you in my blog.

walter and me said...

Mad woman or not, you 'capture' things that would pass most of us by, and then share them. I love that! I had to click on the pic and enlarge it to find the butterfly! D x

The Dutchess said...

Yes i had to enlarge the picture to ,but eureka,there it was.. beautiful.This picture makes a nice screensaver,"leaves with butterfly.."Wish you a bright sunshining day..

Marie said...

Is the butterfy on the central green leaf behind the long twig??

Thanks for your cautionary note about other blog hosts. Do you have any Wordpress epxerience?

Amanda and Tim said...

Oh how beautiful - it took me a while to spot it but when I did I felt so happy - thanks for sharing :o)

Anonymous said...

It took me several looks to spot it on the ivy leaf! xx