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Another plant combination which I have been enjoying in my garden over the past couple of years is with Statice and Sedum. This photo was taken about a week or so ago, the Sedum is now just starting to turn a blushed shade of pink.

I have plans to grow more Statice from seed next year. It really does look great in both borders and on sloping banks.


Suzanne said...

Statice is something I have had in my garden before. It was the loviest purple colour.
Hope you go well growing it from seed.

Anonymous said...

A very pretty combination, Louise. I like the soft colour of the statice.

Kat Mortensen said...

Very pretty. It puts me in mind of pulmonaria because of the dotted effect on the leaves.
Is that sedum in behind? It's one of my favourites as it endures through all sorts of weather.


Marie said...

I like the sedum back there, too!

Amanda and Tim said...

Ooooh I do love these two plants myself!! Congratulations on your award! Oh and I popped along to your "home" blog - didn't even know you had one that's how dense I can be sometimes hehe - but just had to say that I too loved the Hairy Bakers :o) Sorry for the combined comments on one post - bit short of time today!

Lavinia said...

I added one of these to my garden this year (Sedum) and it is growing slowly and steadily...its been a delight to watch its progress.... yours is magnificent, of course!