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The Butterfly Bush, a very much maligned and misunderstood deciduous shrub. Why, because it effortlessly self seeds on development land and derelict sites, through cracks and bricks in buildings, and along our railway lines and sidings.

A thug to some perhaps, but contrary to belief the form of Buddleia I have in my garden is no problem at all, and its dark pink flowers on arching stems are a welcome edition to any garden in late summer.

Every year, an established bush will need a hard cut back to 3 or 4 buds in early Spring.

Named after the Reverend Adam Buddle (1660-1715), the nectar rich flower spikes are loved by butterflies and other insects.

Silhouettes of a Comma and Red Admiral butterfly, or two fairies, you decide?


The Dutchess said...

Two Fairies ,definetly;-}Have a great weekend in the garden!

Amanda and Tim said...

I cannot believe some people think of the Buddleia as a thug!!! I adore them and sigh every time I see one - they are so like the flowers on a lilac tree that I love to see in the Spring and the Buddleia brings that charm straight back into my life :o)

Anonymous said...

Anyone who loves butterflies has to find room for one of these in their garden! xx

Sal said...

I love these bushes.
I can remember seeing them covered with butterflies in the past.. but sadly, not as well covered nowadays.
I recently noticed loads of Buddleia next to the railway line, out of Exeter.
I like the 'fairies' ;-)

Gina said...

Lovely plants..and quite beautiful colour..the bees adore them too. Definitely fairies in your silhouette :D Gx


I have heard this bush criticized also and I don't understand it as I have some in my garden and I love it's beautiful deep purple spikes.


Heather said...

Maligned? What a shame. I love my butterfly bush (as do the butterflies in my yard). The last couple of years I have managed to dig up shoots of it to share with friends...a very generous shrub indeed.