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Remember back to my Colours of Sunshine post I remarked how my zingy St Clements nasturtium was perfect for brightening up your day. I wasn't wrong, the caterpillar of the Large White butterfly certainly thinks so. Not just one, an infestation!

This nasturtium, however much I love it, has sprawled well over half the area of my compost heap this year. At times a nuisance to me, I decided to leave it, with the idea in mind that the butterflies would make use of this plant as they had done so last year, and they most certainly have.

Beautiful St Clements doesn't look so pretty now, no leaves without nibbles, or nasturtium flowers still intact left to brighten up even a salad. But let's face it, my garden is not just for me, it's to share with wildlife too.


Sal said...

Quite right! I like to leave areas of my garden for the wildlife to enjoy ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree...the caterpillars and butterflies are beautiful too.
Margaret and Noreen

Bumpkin Hill said...

Hi there, so that's what I found ALL over my broccoli and cauliflower leaves, well there are hardly any leaves more to speak of. I did pick each one carefully off and put them in another area in my garden where they can happily munch away!! Catherine x