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Unfortunately, I have no spare time to keep an allotment. I dream of having one, but dream on, the space you already have is at times too much to cope with, I can hear myself saying.

This year I have steered towards growing more flowers, with the idea of a small cutting garden in mind. Out are the vegetables and in has come precious extra space. I have kept some ground for soft fruits and will always leave room for my favourite, runner beans, and will continue to grow container size vegetables in pots, just like I do tumbling tomatoes.

One space which isn't earmarked for anything else, is the bin which holds the rotted down compost. This area is perfect for growing summer squash, a vegetable I got to know a few years back and a vegetable I would now rather grow in preference to courgettes. So easy to propagate from seed, and once established and kept well watered, it will reward you with a bumper crop.


Bumpkin Hill said...

yum, that squash looks good, I'll have to try growing them another year, this year it's courgette's - getting another soaking from rain again... doesn't seem to stop raining this summer. Still the plants like it!
Catherine x

Wienerm├Ądel + Co said...

This pattison looks nice, I know only white ones!

Anonymous said...

I like the look of this but have never tried it, what does it taste like?

Lavinia said...

You are fortunate to have the space. I know how squash like to spread out.