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"This alchemists herb catches one single jewelled raindrop in every leaf and then exudes pearly tears along finely serrated edges long after the foam of lime-yellow flower has faded" - Val Bourne (Garden Writer).

I really love this plant, and today after frequent rain showers it was just the perfect time to take a photo of it. I have several little clumps dotted around where it has self seeded. If the plants look tired they can be cut right back and will soon be replaced with lovely new lime green foliage and when flowering has frothy yellow flowers, but do cut off when they go to seed if you don't want it all around your garden. They are known to like shade but mine do equally well in a sunny position.

Alchemilla mollis takes its name from the Arabic, meaning little magical one, due both to its reputation for having healing properties and because its leaves catch the morning dew. In the Middle Ages, the water collected from alchemilla leaves was believed to have magical properties.


Gigibird said...

This is one of my favouite plants, I always think it's such an optimisitc plant.

ginny said...

I love how the water droplets settle on the leaves. .. perfect photo.
I love your blog and all your observations. you are one of my favs!

Threadspider said...

This is such a reliable little beauty too. Lovely picture Louise.

Cowboys and Custard said...

I planted four of these plants in our new garden last year and regularly picked the acid green flowers with sweet peas.. the colour combination is my favourite..very Christopher LLoyd!