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I love hanging baskets but I am rather lazy when it comes to keeping them watered, so asarina (sometimes sold as lofos) is the perfect plant for me. This annual is really versatile, the first year I had them climbing, but for the last few years I have had them trailing out of hanging baskets, all you need is one plant for each basket as they really fill out, like surfinia does. Each flower is trumpet shaped and after flowering they develop a lovely seed head.

The plant flowers from June to October, they do need watering, but if you miss a day or two they will pick up again, although you may have to pick off a few crispy leaves here and there. I manage to over winter my plants under cover, they do die down but little shoots will appear again in spring ready to be planted out again after the last frosts, ready for the forthcoming summer.


Threadspider said...

Must make a note to grow these next year-I haven't tried them yet.I like anything that can stand a bit of neglect.

ginny said...

Really pretty, have never seen these before. thanks for posting.
Hope you had a good holiday. We were lucky enough to see a red squirrel on the Isle of Wight this Summer. We had to wait quietly for ages (in a known hotspot) and only saw it thanks to 'daddy'(albeit at a distance).. the girls were so happy.
have a good weekend.