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Today, with much joy, I noticed a second flush on this clematis. I noticed this variety, Veronica's Choice, by chance in a local garden centre shortly after I lost my lovely mum to cancer five years ago. I believe I was meant to discover it, as her name was Veronica; when it is in flower I always think of her.


ginny said...

A sad yet beautiful story and a beautiful picture.. enjoy..
I love your little Robin too.
We have been blitzing the garden today.. tidying up repotting etc as i have my youngest's party tomorrow.. so 16 seven year olds will be running around our garden( weather permitting) in 'wildlife' fancy dress...I must be mad!
Have a lovely Sunday

this is my patch said...

Hi Ginny, I too have been having a much needed tidy on one of my larger borders this morning, the trouble at this time of year is my compost bins are pretty much full, so it looks like another trip to the tip tomorrow, I would rather be at your party … have a lovely day, I hope the sun shines for you all.

Threadspider said...

It is a beautiful clematis and probably, as you say, destined to be found by you. I seem to find plants constantly evoke people, places and events, like scents do.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful clematis. I have a purple on in my apple tree!
Sara from farmingfriends

BumbleVee said...

I've been roaming backwards through your blog. Lovely pictures ... beautiful flowers... all the little animals and it.

And then..this... brought a tear to my eye. My Mom lived on Clematis Road in Sheffield during the war years.... she always loved Clematis as a flower.. ... I definitely must try to find one somewhere and see if I can coax a bloom like this from one here in Canada. What a gorgeous colour!

and MY name is Veronica.