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I first took notice of this plant when I saw Alan T using it on one of his gardening programmes, I loved the way it acted as a screen but that you could also see through it as well. Since introducing it into my garden, originally sowing by seed and potting on to make my own plants, I have developed a love/hate relationship with it; I love it because it encourages lots of butterflies, bees and even the hummingbird hawk moth, I hate it because it is prone to self seeding itself all around the garden giving me a lot of extra work pulling up seedlings from every crack in the paving!


Gigibird said...

please throw any unwanted plants my way as I love, love, love it and want it everywhere!

Gigibird said...

I've had a sparrowhawk in my garden eating one of my 'regulars' - circle of life

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful flower head. it's great when plants bring wildlife to the garden. Sara from farmingfriends

Threadspider said...

It's my current favourite plant for the summer/autumn, but I know what you mean by self seeding everywhere.
Good to see your sparrowhawk picture too. We have a regular visitor causing mayhem in the garden . Wonder if this means they are increasing in number?

Jane said...

I love verbena b but it struggles to overwinter in most of the garden here in Scotland - it most definately doesn't self seed.
I once saw a photo of stone steps from one part of a garden to another flanked by verbena - it would have been like entering an airy, purple, butterfly filled tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Oh i saw this at a GardenTour and had to have one too.
I bought just one and now it is towering over the path, but i just adore it.
Your photo is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I also bought seeds after seeing it on a gardening prog- I've had a wide row of it across my lottie for the last 2 years and yes it does attract lots of bees,butterflies and the hummingbird hawkmoth.This year I grew more and have planted them in the perennial bed I'm developing at our local primary school