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A lovely day in the garden, so an ideal opportunity for getting my many plastic pots washed, graded, dried and even colour co-ordinated ready to store over winter in preparation for seeds and cuttings next spring. I always feel very satisfied once this job is done, although not a job I relish, as stooping over a bucket of soapy suds plays havoc on my back.


Gigibird said...

I am unable to touch my pots as I am a spider phobic - I have to wait for Stella to sort them out for me as the 8 legged beasts hold no fear for her.

Anonymous said...

I like the look of your colourful pots. You certainly are getting organised. I have tagged you for a funny, random and weird fact. I related my facts to life on the farm. I hope you don't mind. Sara from farmingfriends

Katherine said...

Well done. I should make time to do the same so that I'll be better prepared come spring. Who wants to take the time to do this chore once spring arrives and there's more exciting things to do? Okay, you've got me motivated. Thanks.

Stella said...

I have never seen plastic pots look so nice!