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We have lived in our present home since 1998 and as we have a small wooded area in our garden, over the years I have always thought it strange that a squirrel had never discovered it, well not until now that is. I am in two minds about our little visitor, you could say he is just a rat with a bushy tail, but I look at him and think how cute he is and we have already christened him 'Secret Squirrel', but on the other hand is he going to reek havoc around the garden big time once I start to plant bulbs, already he has been having fun turfing compost out from my troughs and I am convinced on the quiet he has been eating the fat balls from my starling, not squirrel proof feeder.

I have struggled to get a good picture of him, I tried again today but he wasn’t having any of it and leapt over my compost bins, onto the fence, then the shed, bolted up one side of the roof (we do live in a bungalow) and flew off the other side, they can literally fly. This picture was taken the other day and he is nibbling on a monkey nut which I suspect he has picked up from a neighbour's garden.

Many years ago my mum had a resident squirrel which used to come up to her patio doors, never let himself in, but for his troubles would be rewarded with the occasional chocolate biscuit of all things, he did look cute though, first twirling the biscuit around in his paws and then so neatly nibbling all around the edge. Then after all the encouragement she had given to it, would then expect sympathy from me when he uprooted all her pots to bury his finds.


Anonymous said...

I like the name you have chpsen for the squirrel. Sara from farmingfriends

ginny said...

Hi Louise,
My sister has lots of squirrels in her garden and grew in tubs this year. To avoid them digging she put some garden net over the tub tops, which the plants grew through till thay were established. Then she removed it. I'm sure 'secret squirrel' will be good if you protect your bulbs till they establish.
Love all your wildlife pics.
Have a great day in the garden!

Threadspider said...

Very cute! I'm ambivalent towards them too. I love to see them, but know how destructive they are. Same with the wood pigeons in the garden here. Love to see them, but know they are destructive pests too. Ah well, like all neighbours, there's good and bad in 'em.

Anonymous said...

I love the squirrels too but know there may come the day that i'll be out there chasing them with a broom. ha ha.

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

I so love them in a garden, sadly when we moved here we had three, suddenly last year they had all gone...I guess someone did not like them like I did.
Suzie Sews

Stella said...

I remember that squirrel, it made me smile thinking of your mum and the furry one!!