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If you are ever down Devon way take time to visit Docton Mill & Gardens which is situated in the Speke Valley, we visited in June and the garden was a delight, the day we visited the rain didn't let up but we didn't allow it to dampen our spirits. Highlights included magnificent herbaceous borders, a river walk with a superb bog garden, which incidently is described in Rosemary Verey’s book ‘Good Planting’ and a woodland walk, in fact every step you take from entering and exiting the garden you will come across something that will interest you.

Even if gardening isn’t really your thing you can still view the historic mill although it ceased working in 1910, simply because it ran out of business, its last big customer was Gifford the Baker, who is still in business today in nearby Hartland.

If all else fails there is a lovely tearoom which is situated in the house, they have a vast range of hot and cold food, our choice being warm scones, strawberry jam and lashings of clotted cream and a refreshing pot of tea, each! And, if you love dogs, you may see two Labradors mooching around the gardens too, and on exit there is a small plant sales area.

One final thing to mention, to get there you do have to drive down some pretty precarious country lanes, not really suitable for any nervous drivers out there.


Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Oh I so love looking around gardens
SUzie Sews

Threadspider said...

I have never been there, but this is within a pebbles throw of where my MIL lives. Next time we're down there, perhaps we should take her.
So right about those lanes, but they are a spring delight for wildflowers.

Naturegirl said...

What an enchanting cottage ..a story
can be written about it's charming appeal!
I am here for the first time and what a lovely blog with flowers fairies squirrels with names and a kindered spirit from across the miles!
Nice to meet you.. I'm a fellow nature,fairie,and squirrel lover! Do you do have cats may I ask? hugs NG

Matron said...

That looks wonderful, I might look it up next time I'm down that way. I'm interested in old English mills. I can see a real business opportunity in fixing up an old water mill to generate electricity! They all seem to be going to ruin.