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The sun came out today and so did the butterflies; this lovely comma was fluttering to and fro from flower to flower, but was in no mood to pose, and as I couldn’t spend hours on end chasing butterflies around the garden, this was the best picture I could get.Commas love feeding off nettle plants, so if you have a ‘wild’ space in your garden, where a weed or two wouldn’t really matter, don’t pull them up, leave them there for the butterflies.

The Comma is presently a relatively common butterfly but up until the 1940's it was only regularly seen on the Welsh borders.


Threadspider said...

Have only seen one comma this year, way back in the early summer, before it started raining! They are so lovely. I'm thrilled to see the garden is all a hum with bees, especially honeybees. We so need them and this sunshine.

this is my patch said...

Hi Judith, yes it is great to see the sunshine again, as you say the garden is humming with bees at the moment. Once I was able to put my camera down, I managed to clear a space in one of my vegetable patches ready to put in some more leeks, so I have put some time to good use this afternoon .. this blogging malarkey does consume you doesn’t it?