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… not ready, nearly ready, definitely ready, for eating!

These strawberries are from plants which my dad gave to me shortly after we moved here, not the original ones, as every two or three years I start off new plants from the runners, it is very easy to do. I use lovely old terracotta pots for this purpose, and just hide them amidst the foliage until the time comes when I can cut the little runners free. The strawberries hardly ever make it to the kitchen as I just eat them as I go around the garden, but I do have to find them quickly, more often than not I find that the woodlice have beaten me to it!


Threadspider said...

Lovely picture and so appealing.I'm a first time grower this year and used a terracotta strawberry pot. I've got to read up on what to do now but you have inspired me to get on and do that.

Matron said...

What a lovely picture. I don't have any late variety strawberries. Mine don't make it to the kitchen either.

Anonymous said...

I love the photograph. yes strawberries are very tempting for all garden lovers and not just the humans!!!
Sara from farmingfriends

Gigibird said...

I planted some last year just for my Mr Blackbird....sadly neither the bird or the plants survived the winter:(

Lynn said...

I've only grown strawberry one year. The Alpine type which does not produce runners, but do come back year after year and turn into a nice little mound. So I have read.

Mine did not come back the second year. I was very disappointed as the strawberries I harvested were the sweetest I've ever tasted.

I agree with your love of verbena.

Anonymous said...

Louise ~ I am like you . . . walking about my garden eating the strawberries as I go.
Your photography is stunning.
~ Becky