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As I didn’t have room for rhubarb in my garden this year I have grown it in a large pot, it has produced some lovely stems which will be picked shortly to make and bake a lovely crumble. I am not sure whether I can leave it in the pot for next year or whether it really needs to be in open soil, any ideas?


Gigibird said...

I have a gunnera that I want to plant in a large pot - do you know anything about them? should I put in drainage holes?

I do miss my rhubarb patch I used to have at Maxwell Road - wee is good for them apparently.
I would think one more year in a pot would be OK?

this is my patch said...

As gunnera love to live in a damp boggy area maybe an idea would be to line the pot with black plastic, to make a few holes in that for drainage and also have drainage holes in the pot, otherwise I think you could risk the plant rotting; also you may need to cover the crown up in the winter to protect it from frost. Don't blame me if it dies!