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Thought you may like to see this huge dragonfly which was hawking around my garden for quite a while this afternoon. Trying to capture a picture of it was really difficult as every time I got nearly close enough it would take off. I have had to look it up in my wildlife ‘bible’ Collins Complete British Wildlife, it appears to be a Southern Hawker which makes sense as I do live in West Sussex on the South Coast of England! For more information visit the British Dragonfly Society


She Who Digs said...

Wow- at first glance I thought that the dragonfly was pictured behind an apple tree which would make it HUGE! You asked if I'd ever let my leeks go to seed- no, this is the first time I've ever grown them. A friend gave me a tip though- plant two seedlings to a hole and you'll be eating sweet baby leeks for Christmas dinner! Thanks for stopping by! SWD

this is my patch said...

Hi - thanks for the tip with the leeks, I have some seedlings left over so I shall give that a try, they are so much nicer when eaten small.