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I have only two roses in my garden, one I have already commented on, this is the other; it was a gift from my mother-in-law. It has a heady scent and a profusion of lovely pale pink flowers all summer long, as long as you keep up with the deadheading. I never really get time for serious pruning so basically it is allowed to do as it pleases, a few branches may be lopped off here and there but only when it starts to impede upon the garden bench.

In the summer I pick the young buds and add them to ice cubes, a simple idea but really effective, and it costs nothing.


Lynn said...

What a great idea! I used to use borage flowers like that but roses are so fancy.

Lynn said...

RYC: About the work dilemma ~ I suppose many of us have this problem. Wishing my life away just to get to a weekend is something I want to change about my life. The older I get, the more I regret this. I want to enjoy my life. My husband is feeling the same way. Together we should be able to make a plan.