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Today I had my second pickings of runner beans. I have tried a few different varieties but keep coming back to this one (Lady Di). They are heavy croppers and because they are deemed to be stringless they are lovely and tender.

Another old faithful is tomato Gartenperle, they are so easy, I grow them in troughs and large pots, just as long as you remember to feed and water them they remain happy.


Threadspider said...

I'm loving your pictures. Did you have trouble with blight this year? I have never had tomato blight ever but this year I have lost most of the crop to it. I only grow outdoor varieties so I am quite sad, after last year's bounty.
Thanks for adding my blog to your sidebar : )

this is my patch said...

Luckily my tomatoes haven’t suffered too much this year, although my plants have definitely not produced as well as they did last, I suppose this must be due to our inclement weather! Contrary to this I do know that my step-mum and uncle have both lost their tomatoes; maybe 2007 has just not been a good year, don't give up they may be better than ever next year.