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ROSA RUGOSA - Thankfulness

I haven’t given up much space in my garden for roses but I have got two of these lovely old shrub roses which I inherited from the previous owner. The flowers are a lovely cerise and the hips are huge. The first year I was here I cut both down to the base after they had finished fruiting but now I leave them alone and every year they reward me with more and more flowers and hips.

Monty Don The Complete Gardener - Birds love all berries, but tend to go for red ones first and leave the dark blue and black ones alone.


Threadspider said...

I am so enjoying your blog-keep those pictures coming.

this is my patch said...

threadspider ... thanks for your encouraging comments, now I have my first comment on my blog I shall definitely carry on adding to it; as there are so many blogs out there you do wonder whether anyone will ever discover it. I can't believe on your blog Everything In The Garden's Rosy you mention 'My Little Piece of Eden'; when I was trying to think of an additional sentence to add to my blog name that is what came to my mind too!

Threadspider said...

I saw your mention of Eden and that was what made me leave you a comment. Looking forward to your next post! Happy gardening..we'll need those wellies again this weekend I think.

Lynn said...

I love the old roses. We have a wild variety in a field next to us that flowers white. I once made rose beads from them and they are very aromatic. I've also collected the hips, but they tend to be small.

I order rose hips by the pound and make tea combined with hibiscus and sometimes with the addition of lemon balm.

Beautiful pictures!

this is my patch said...

Thanks primrozie, you have inspired me to look up recipes for rose petals and hips, if I find any good ones I shall post them on my blog. I have got a lovely pale pink climbing rose which has a lovely scent, in the summer I pick the young buds and add them to ice cubes, a simple idea but really effective, and costs nothing.