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SUNFLOWER 'SPARKY' - False riches, Pride

I have grown this variety for the first time this year (as the seeds were gratis). I shall have these again next year, they have been good for picking as they have multi-headed stems and are fairly short in height, although the one growing by my compost heap is taller.

I always grow my seedlings in pots and I don’t put them out until they are sturdy little plants as I have discovered that in my garden if I put the seeds straight into the soil they never reach more than about an inch before the slugs find them.


Stella said...

Love your blog, just going to put you in my favourites. Don't talk to me about snails and slugs, this year they have used and abused my garden!

Gigibird said...

It's no good putting Stella on your links as she deletes whatever she writes!
Thank you by the way for adding me:)

Threadspider said...

Slugs, you say? I have sunflowers that grow under the bird feeder. One managed to grow to 3 feet high, before slugs climbed up and ate the flower buds!
This one is a real beauty. I will have to imagine what might have been like. Sigh..