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Last summer I planted five of these lovely plants in a block just over a metre square, I love them, but they do grow into little monsters. As each year I am always wanting to experiment with something different from the seed catalogues, and as like most people space being at a premium, I didn’t bother with any this year. As you can see this lovely one has sprung up in the same plot, but where I am now growing my runner beans. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has a large garden to grow these ‘en masse’ as they look great in the evening light and have a lovely scent too!


Threadspider said...

Fabulous plants. I have them on my list of things-to-grow-next-year.

Lynn said...

I love the little sunbursts! this year I grew Bennings Green Tint (also a patty pan) but it didn't produce as well as the sunburst. I also absolutely love nicotiana. Why is there not a nicotiana perfume?

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