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For a couple of years now I have been growing summer squash instead of courgettes (this variety is Sunburst F1, great seeds from Simpson’s Seed These are disc-shaped and yellow, like courgettes you can pick them at any stage but best to pick when small. After initially impressing my friends with a more than sufficient supply of produce, they now expect me to supply them with plants, which I grow in toilet roll tubes, they propagate really well in these, and cheap too. Also you can see that I grow my plants in last year's compost heap, once the plants are over I then know it is time to bag the compost up, and then transfer this year's compost into that bin, clever eh ...!


Gigibird said...

You are a dark horse:)
Love your blog. Didn't realise you had such green fingers?

this is my patch said...

Hi Lynn. Thanks for looking in at my new blog (I have finally got round to starting one). I look in at yours every day just to see what you have been getting up to in LA. Did you realise Louise C was 'me' commenting on your photos of the lovely brown cafe on the seafront! PS: I hope you don't mind me stealing the idea of your great time clock?

Gigibird said...

Not at all - the more clocks the better:)