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SWEET PEA ‘MATUCANA’ - Blissful pleasure, Goodbye, Departure

This variety dates from about the 1930s, it is sometimes confused with Cupani which is of much earlier origin.

Everyone should grow these, they are wonderful. Each stem has four lovely flowers, each with a heady intoxicating scent. Once they start to flower they can be picked up until October, just as long as you don’t allow them to go to seed.

For anyone interested in antique varieties of sweet pea visit
. I have got my eye on Henry Eckford which has vibrant orange flowers, which I am sure will go on my shopping list for next year.


This variety has produced masses of white flowers on lovely long straight stems, so ideal for cutting to bring indoors, unfortunately once picked they only stay fresh for a day or two, but who cares as you can just go outside and cut some more.

I have a lovely hazel tree in my garden so I use the twiggy branches as a support.


Gigibird said...

If you have any hazel sticks/twigs going spare can I have a few?

Beautiful sweet peas:)

this is my patch said...

Hi Lynn - when we have our annual cull I shall see what I can do!

Gigibird said...

Thank you:)