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I think this is what may be responsible for my sprout plants looking like lace curtains. Not enough attention was given when this was at the egg and caterpillar stage. At the same time as possibly considering this butterfly as a pest, it is rather pretty, even more so as this is a female with two
spots and a streak on each upper wing, something which the male doesn’t have.

The plant it has perched on is verbena bonariensis.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely photograph. Although a vegetable gardeners pest they certainly are beautiful.
Sara from farmingfriends

ginny said...

Just came across your lovely blog through gigibird. I have bookmarked you so i can check back easily. Your garden looks beautiful and i love your photos.

Threadspider said...

They are beautiful, and that us a great photo. Is that verbena bonariensis it is sitting on? Mine have started seeding all over the garden and were covered in bees yesterday.

this is my patch said...

Yes Judith, it is verbena bonariensis and yes it has self seeded all over my garden as well! Yesterday evening I spotted for the first time this year a hummingbird hawk moth hovering over mine, but it was too quick and got away before I could take a photo, hopefully I can catch him next time, so I can post him on my blog.