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I love the frogs in my garden, they do jump out and surprise you when you least expect them to. My favourites are the tiny ones, as you can see they are so sweet. Watch out for any larger ones who may have set up home in your compost heap, already this year I have very nearly spiked two with my garden fork; also they manage to hop into your garden rubbish too, a few weeks ago I returned home from the tip to find a very large one sitting on the back seat of my car on the plastic sheeting, it looked very happy sitting there, perhaps it knew it had escaped from very nearly being composted!


Stella said...

Lovely picture, but I am not good around frogs, might be better if they didn't have that 'surprise element'.

Gigibird said...

I love, love, love frogs. I have them but I don't often see them....I don't think my fish get on with them.

Lynn said...

I was just watching my goldfish and frog together in the pond yesterday. They brushed by his leg and he just moved it. I just had to laugh! I only have one frog this year. Some years there are several and all sizes.

Anonymous said...

Your frogs are delightful.
I have a little snake that lives in my compost heap. I look for her every day.